Abstract Oil Painter

Original abstract oil painting . A dragon with a fiery look in his eye rises up from the sea with ferocity seeking to cause chaos. Colourful Brown abstract oil painting of a person walking. Original expressionistic oil painting on stretched canvas. 80 * 80 cm. Shape of a phoenix forming within the clouded mountain peaks at high altitude. Oil painting on stretched canvas. 90 * 100 cm. Sides painted.  Colourful ambigram face painting. Consuming thoughts of another cause a merge in reality. Abstract painting of a round faced man smoking. Oil painting of a simple  mask painted over a subtle swirling paint texture. Colourful expression of an abstract mask. Portrait of man. Oil painting on stretched canvas. Sides painted.  Brushes and palette knife. Round faced Tribal African style portrait.  Colourful abstract portrait of a young man.  Small original oil painting for sale. Original abstract oil painting. 3 pieces set. Conscious and subconscious.  Multi coloured tentacles. Round spiral energy vortexes. Collective thought patterns. Original expressionistic oil painting on stretched canvas.  Brush work. Sides painted. Painting of a perched owl in front of a blazing red background. oil paintings for sale, oil paintings, abstract oil paintings, colourful oil paintings for sale, oil paintings for sale in Lebanon, Lebanese artist, artist in Lebanon, portrait painting, portrait painting for sale, landscape painting, abstract landscape painting, city scape painting for sale, abstract cityscape painting for sale, original oil painting, abstract oil painting, stick-man painting, tribal face painting, faces, tribal art, facial expressions, expressionistic painting, expressionism wall art, expressionism, brown expressionistic painting, colourful brown painting, olden feel, oil painting with an ancient expression, oil painting with ancient feeling, ancient tribal painting, brown abstract painting of faces, faces outlined, eerie expression,  waves painting, waves and shore painting, shore painting, beach painting, purple beach painting, birds and beach painting, waves painting, purple painting, seascape painting, tree painting, birds painting, birds in flight painting, nature painting, landscape painting, migration painting, Birds migrating painting, birds migration  painting, dusk painting, dawn painting, dawn breaking painting, daybreak painting, purple sky painting, sea and sky  painting, mystical  painting, mysterious  painting, enchanted  painting, enchanting  painting, colourful expression  painting,  abstract portrait  painting, expressionistic painting, abstract painting, colourful abstract painting, colourful painting painting, brush strokes, brushwork, oil painting, painting, painting of the day, interior design, room ideas, colorful artwork, artwork for sale, buy painting, painting for sale, wall art, daily painting, sell painting, interior ideas, wall design, room decor, living ideas, expressionistic painting, artistic painting, Original abstract oil painting. Old man puffing on a pipe looking into the smoke and getting lost in thoughts as an image of a lady appears from the smoky haze. Original oil painting.  Outline of an abstract face emerging from the noise of colours that are emerging from the darkness. Original oil painting of a twilight cityscape bay.  City lights and purple sky reflecting on the water.  Oil painting on stretched canvas. 80 * 60 cm. Sides painted.  Purple seascape painting with migrating birds. Original expressionistic oil painting on stretched canvas.  Palette knife work. Sides painted. Close-up of several roses in a rose bush. Creative oil painting of snow covered tree standing on the edge of the road.  Palette knife.  Stormy clouds and white mountain ranges frame the sunset. Colorful abstract pointillism expression of a dancing fire lady. Oil painting of a serene person with closed eyes and an expressionless face blending into a green background. Blue landscape oil painting of a forest / woods at night with a silver moon. Sometimes we open our mouths to speak but our words are bare.  Underlying image of a sunset upon a mountain range. Fantasy oil painting of a lady rising up from the dead trees.  Original oil painting about the bombardment of infinite thoughts around one.  Oil painting of a forest and forking river landscape.  Natures’ vibration scene with a colourful energy vortex opening in the sky. Oil painting on stretched canvas. Sides painted. Palette knife. Thick paint texture. 45 cm * 45 cm. Colorful expressionistic abstract painting for sale. Round colourful abstract oil painting mixed with sand.    Expressive and gestural  winter scene oil painting.  Nature landscape. White and blue painting.  Icy cold.  Original abstract oil painting. Expressionistic gestural faces rising from and blending into a dark colorful background. Tribal art.
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Original abstract oil painitngs for sale by Lebanese artist Mira Sbaiti.