Floors & Decks

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Floors & Decks

FnD (NAHAR Group Dubai) is a leader in Wooden flooring business since 2002, for supply and installation of wooden floor in residential, office, hotels etc which is absolutely elegant and aesthetically appealing that suit your taste. Our mission and prime objective is to provide our customers with quality products and solutions with efficient service at affordable cost and we are suitably equipped to meet our client’s requirements all over the Middle East, India and India sub continent region.

FnD (NAHAR Group Dubai) utilize the latest technologies, adhere to the latest standards and comply with technical and safety specifications of the manufacturers, clients and regulatory authorities. We provide solid massive flooring, pre finished solid parquet, engineered, laminated and unfinished solid wood parquet which is stained to your preferred color or shade of your choice with unique finish. We only use the best machines, adhesives and finishes and are always striving to develop our products to give utmost satisfaction to our clients.

FnD (NAHAR Group Dubai) is devoted to create a unique style for your home. Starting from our long lasting tradition in the art of wood, we would like to present to your attention a luxurious and comprehensive range of wooden floors. We continuously seek out new flooring solutions to create truly extraordinary flooring experiences for our customers.

Our Product Range

Over a period of years we have developed and extended our range of wooden flooring, many at the bequest of our Architect and Interior Designer clients. We place the most emphasis on quality and functionality so you receive a top quality product at a reasonable price.

We are proud to offer you one of the largest ranges of indoor & outdoor decking, solid & semi solid and engineered wooden flooring in the UAE market. We only use the best sustainably sourced wood for our flooring and through our extensive network of contacts and suppliers can source the perfect wood flooring for your business or home.


This is very important to us and all our products come from sustainable sources with a chain of custody as we are the member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). Wood Flooring is a renewable source unlike carpets, vinyl, laminates etc which are manmade invariably from fossil fuels. When buying from us you know you are helping the environment and buying the best wooden flooring available around.